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Nothing Without You
June 19, 2024

Catalonian-born vocalist/producer Uma is pleased to share her first new single of 2024, ‘Nothing Without You’, in collaboration with Slow Dance Recordings. Recorded in Uma’s home studio in the rural town of Catalunya, near Barcelona, ‘Nothing Without You’ pairs hypnotic R&B percussion with understated vocals: a beguiling introduction to a year in which we’ll hear plenty more form Uma. “’Nothing Without You’ is about going through the highs and lows of loving someone,” Uma says of the track. “Feeling happy by yourself but choosing them every time.” Having relocated to York from her Spanish village to study contemporary classical music, Uma – who is of Thai/British descent - parted ways with the genre in the pursuit of more “free” avenues through which to exercise her creativity. “If you’re gonna do something that’s creative and unpredictable and has no financial security, then you might as well enjoy it,” she reasoned. Eschewing traditional genre boundaries in favour of freedom has remained something of a theme throughout Uma’s output, with stripped-back Spanish folk, electronic beats and sweet, earworm melodies all leaving fingerprints upon the artist’s treasure chest of tracks. Also central to her ethos is collaboration. Uma’s Can Obert home studio (or ‘open house’, in English) has grown into a hub of creative activity since her mother purchased the then-dilapidated building decades ago. Artists including Puma Blue, Nilüfer Yanya and Rosie Lowe have spent time at Can Obert, with Uma contributing writing credits to the latter’s new album during her stay. Today, Can Obert is a haven where artists from all backgrounds can sleep, eat and, crucially, make music in the sleepy Catalan countryside.

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Slow Dance '23
February 6, 2024

Now into its 8th edition, the release of the Slow Dance-curated compilation at the start of each year is usually an indicator of what's to come. Uncovering the best new lo-fi, experimental and alternative music from London and beyond, the compilation predicts new avenues, and key artists from various scenes and spaces outside the industry. Alumni of the compilation have gone on to sign and release with a plethora of labels from Ninja Tune, So Young, 4AD and Rough Trade. Its notably given the first outings to bands and solo projects from black midi to Black Country, New Road;, from Otta, Goat Girl and Martha Skye Murphy to Drug Store Romeos, Sorryand Folly Group. Receiving press praise from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music ("Compilation of the Month") The Quietus and Hard of Hearing, Cillian Murphy is also a fan. The actor spun The Guest's debut single (AKA Isaac Wood, BC,NR) on his BBC show back in October, as featured in Slow Dance '18 This year's edition represents the label's longest and most ambitious yet. Spanning 18 tracks, Slow Dance '23 returns to the ethos of bedroom recordings, whether that bedroom is on the stage, or cucooned in flats around the globe. Featured here come the lo-fi experiments from London live-circuit mainstays Cuckoo Spit, Plutoz Beach and Hank; baroque Gothic theatrics come from Velvetine and Jesus and The Zealots. There's intimate watery vocal productions from FLOCO and feeo, which take the compilation deeper into ambient electronics. LIPWORMS' acidic electro-punk drills the tempo towards the club, while Suzy Clue band-member HORNET’s shoegaze impresses with washed out urgency. Nukuluk founder Luke Kulunukis and GG Skips of Glows and Sorry also release new solo material on the compilation.

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Sarah Meth

November 14, 2023

STEPS EP is set for release 14th November 2023 via Slow Dance. The EP co produced with Louis O Bryen - member of the London band Sorry, as his debut production role. Following her previous EP ‘Leak Your Own Blues’ and accompanying film & mixtape under the ‘Midnight Snacks’ monkier, Sarah steps out of the blue to face the wind. STEPS is the 23 year old Londoner’s third EP and features six new tracks that recollect her personal experiences of sexual trauma, albeit painted and portrayed with unexpected splashes of colour, character, and Sarah’s ability to own those experiences through her own strength and power. She explains further, “STEPS EP is about moving forward into the unknown. I never intended to create a project around sexual trauma, but making these songs at the time played a big role in helping me process a way of accepting and taking ownership over some things that have happened. I hope it brings a distinct vulnerability and perspective to the subject matter….Steps is ultimately about ‘making it through’ to define new versions of ourselves after such experiences. “I initially thought it was going to be a self-produced project but ended up taking about half of the songs to my friend Louis [O Bryen], who I feel very grateful for providing a space to elevate those songs in the way we did. My production and recording style for this EP was similar to my Midnight Snacks’ project of demos - made singing into my laptop microphone tucked up in bed. However, it felt necessary to have some of these songs, such as ‘Fucktoy’ ‘Sister You Said’ and ‘Red Hands’, production elevated in a way that could explore new sounds whilst also making these songs feel less discreet, in a “saying them with my chest” sort of way. I hope this project can make people feel seen in what they can relate to from it, or in a non-threatening way, gauge people to ask questions of themselves upon listening.” Musically, STEPS EP dips colour into the noirish, shadowy hues of her Leak Your Own Blues EP. It recalls, in part, the instinctive rawness of early Cat Power recordings, with a loose, lo-fi charm that portrays Sarah’s words with emphasis, feeling and meaning. An important, impressive release by a smart, tactile young songwriter.

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The New Eves

Original Sin
July 18, 2023

Dreamed up in 2021 by Kate Mager (bass), Ella Russell (Drums, flute, vocals), Nina Winder-Lind (cello, guitar, vocals) Violet Farrer (violin, guitar, vocals) while lying together in bed, the quartet hosted their first jam sessions in a studio under a railway in the middle of car wash that stunk of hamsters and sweat. "Debuting haunting cut ‘Mother’ on this year’s esteemed Slow Dance Compilation, the previously unreleased ‘Original Sin’ unleashes an engrossing hybrid of rustic folk and 60s garage, with tender, soul-stirring group chants and lightning punk thrashes converging to tap into some uncanny, ineffable power, as the band explain:“The band is fighting a biblical battle between shame and pleasure, body and mind, good and evil. The lyrics are poetic and unapologetic. “Throw away my fading halo and start dancing” is the type of line that’s calling to be written on the bedroom wall of teenagers up and down the country. This is the song Eve would have written if she had an electric guitar.” With members who are themselves established painters, dancers, writers and photographers from across Brighton’s sprawling underground, the band pride themselves on a dedicated DIY aesthetic, designing all their own artwork, directing their own music videos and co-producing all their own material, alongside Lau Ro of Wax Machine. Defined by a powerful communal bond, each member contributes lyrics and themes during the writing process, often singing and speaking together to cultivate that compelling, unanimous force central to their live spectacle.

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