Uma - Tārā

February 2023

Uma is an artist of multiple horizons. The child of a long-distance relationship, she grew up flitting between countries; whether to attend festivals in Spain curated by her performance artist mother, or accompanying her father to Bangkok where he worked for non-profit hospices and orphanages. These early experiences gave her a panoramic approach towards life, creativity, and what it means to make somewhere your home. Her parents' unlikely love story has always held sway over Uma, a theme explored in last year's "Granada" which mused over their peripatetic relationship, channeling feelings of vulnerability, doubt, and anticipation beneath a canopy of pomegranate trees. It was a song about capitulating to fate, and letting a connection with another person guide your next move. Now based in Barcelona, her newest track “Tārā" is just as philosophical, though prowling synths, rattling percussion and allegorical lyrics replace the piercing drama of the Spanish guitar. “"Tārā" is a flow of conscious and unconscious thoughts coming in and out of focus, creating their own sonic world,” Uma elaborates. Traces of her family still linger in murmured warnings: "Only trust a liar who can look you in the eye / My mother always told me they shoot to kill and watch you die".

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