n.o Art Ensemble - Kolosseum (feat. Charlemagne Palestine) / War n.d


n.o. Art Ensemble is a recording and performance collective based in London. Their debut release, Death and Entrances, started as a lockdown project, after which they have organised a series of gigs performing their music. They hosted a 50th anniversary concert commemorating Tony Conrad’s legendary Outside the Dream Syndicate, as well as staging an experimental opera they wrote, boasting a 50-piece orchestra. Their newest record E V ER Y RU N G O N TH I S L AD D E R TO G OD, featuring Charlemagne Palestine (a close collaborator of Conrad), was recorded over the last year in different bedrooms and studios in London and Glasgow and is rooted in exploring the possibilities of drone-based music.

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Sarah Meth - Steps EP


STEPS is the 23 year old Londoner’s third EP and features six new tracks that recollect her personal experiences of sexual trauma, albeit painted and portrayed with unexpected splashes of colour, character, and Sarah’s ability to own those experiences through her own strength and power.

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Uma - Jai


Uma announces 'Jai'

The debut mixtape
is written and produced by Uma and Luke Bower, mixed by Salpa (AKA Luke Bower)  releasing on 15th September.

“Jai is a collection of ideas and memories set to sound for my friends to wear on their ears as eclectic jewelry. It is a project full of love, playfulness and the joy of the mundane. Following in the steps of my first and second ep’s introverted nature, Jai is a deeper dive into some of the things that shaped who I am today.”

The mixtape captures the mood of turning nostalgia for the past into nostalgia for the present, weaving early memories with inner-child wisdom and reflections on parental advice. Exploring the parallels found between her itinerant life as a professional artist and the borderless, romantic and creative upbringing that her parents blessed her with, both at Can Obert and across three continents.

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Newest Releases

Sarah Meth - Steps EP

Sarah Meth - Steps

Saint Jude - Missing June

Uma - Jai

The New Eves - Original Sin / Mother

Uma - Send Me Off






Saint Jude - To Repel Ghosts

To Repel Ghosts’ floats upon a raft of sparse guitar chords, and searches for truth in a dishonest world; a clean start without the generational lies we perpetuate in politics and history. Jude expands: “It’s quite an abstract song, but it’s about the falseness of the world, and how the future will mirror the past unless we change the present.”

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August 19, 2020

Platonica Erotica - Storm Season

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June 17, 2020

Matt Merriman Presents Music FM (Dean Blunt Samples Special)

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June 22, 2020

Foreground Noise

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