Binti Red

Binti Red - Dexter

January 2022

London-based musician and singer-songwriter contributes the beautifully husky lullaby ‘Dexter’ to the compilation. She describes her style as “mercurial depending on the project, but mystically charged & lyrically earnest”. The self-produced ‘Dexter’ is an ode to temptation, written over lockdown & reflecting a more current sound than her first 4-track release ‘Old Tapes’. Future Binti plans to invoke more electronica in her live shows and recordings as she is enjoying collaborating with beat makers. She’s sitting on 2 volumes of music which she’s hoping to release in 2022. It’s an exciting mix of moods that demonstrate Binti’s diversity and growth as an artist, while maintaining a consistency of being frank and outspoken, cushioned by a lullaby impression. She’s described her influence at the moment as a colliding of pop, R&B and trip-hop with minor folk chords which she then mixes in and distorts with organic sounds picked up from home recording. Frequent collaborations with filmmakers accompany her music, and she enjoys directing/choreographing all realms of performance art, honouring her background of circus & cabaret. On the compilation she says: “Slow Dance as a collective and label has variety and good taste. It is a joy to be on their 2021 compilation & I look forward to seeing what is to come for everyone”.

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