Saint Jude

Saint Jude - Feedback Song (feat. Low Loudly)

June 2022

South London artist/producer Saint Jude is proud to share ‘Feedback Song’, featuring the ethereal vocals of Sarah Downie (Drug Store Romeos). A delicate slow-build of a single which is nothing short of celestial, ‘Feedback Song’ sees Saint Jude (Jude Woodhead) bridging the worlds of minimalist electronica and dream pop. The resulting sound is one which pangs with a gossamer delicacy whilst propelling itself forward like a charming dream sequence. Simplistic on its surface, ‘Feedback Song’ is a labyrinth of curiosities. From Sarah’s obscure and abstract lyrics, to the hidden sounds buried beneath the track’s exterior. “It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve been involved in making,” Jude explains. ‘Sarah improvised her whole lyric and melody, picking out words from an encyclopaedia in my room. Her lyrics kind of wash over you, creating these abstract images in your head, like little scenes.’ The otherworldly sense of space within ‘Feedback Song’ showcases the range of sounds in Jude’s palette, following the claustrophobic, post-dubstep stylings of his recent collaboration with Fredwave, ‘Garden’.

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