Uma - Bring Me The Mountain (feat. Lucy Lu)

October 2020

Barcelona-based singer-songwriter Uma teams up with Lucy Lu as she returns with new single ‘Bring Me The Mountain’ Born in Catalonia to a British mother, trained in Performance Art, and a Thai father, working in a hospice in the slums of Bangkok, Uma’s upbringing of travel and diversity in encounters has inspired chords of empathy; the affinity to those around her bleeds naturally into her music. Although initially classically trained in violin from the age of four years old, Uma has found innovation in various genres and performers, citing Joni Mitchell, Buika, Ella Fitzgerald, Nico, Macy Gray, Bebel Gilberto, Shakira and Florence and the Machine. “I was surrounded with a lot of jazz and bossa nova at home and through my studies of violin, also spent a lot of time studying classical music. Later on, becoming more exposed to the likes of pop, I realised how much I enjoyed the fluidity of genres and sounds.” Her BA in Music saw her continue perusing what came naturally to her, and aspiring to create with like-minded, young talent, Uma set up music residency “Can Obert” in her house in Spain with Luke Bower (Lucy Lu). Over twenty-five young artists and musicians, including Alice Bloomfield, Max Pope, Amy May Ellis and Nilüfer Yanya collaborated to create over twenty songs in a week, continuing for numerous years and becoming more experimental. She released the debut EP ‘Bel-li’ earlier this year, a combination of classical arrangements, Spanish guitar and folk-pop, “all about home and falling into a great love. Late night bowls of spaghetti in your belly. Endless summers watching the sunset from my roof.” Uma’s current collaboration with Lucy Lu began when he flew to Spain at the beginning of the pandemic: “it was the first time in years we had the time and space to write together. Learning to share a creative space has been a real lesson in loving someone, being honest and having a sense of humour.” Newest offering ‘Bring Me The Mountain’ shows the duo combining their distinct vocals and creating a blend of delicate, yearning pop with subtle strokes of percussion, “there’s definitely an exploration of acoustic and electronic sounds,” Uma explains, “I think that is a result of the balance of Luke’s style and my own.” “The track is about being seen when you are in pain and vulnerable,” she continues, “it’s about the people who help you out of that and the people who stand by and watch.” It’s a dreamy listen that feels at once comforting yet urgent. “Uma brings a sense of clarity to the writing process along with a playfulness. Because of the relationship we have, I can talk about subjects I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone else,” says Luke. “Working together, the music develops in a natural yet unpredictable way.” ‘Bring Me the Mountain’ is an extension into the warm sonic world that Uma creates, drenched in humanity and vulnerability.

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