Slow Dance '19

January 2020

Slow Dance ‘19 is the London music collective and record label’s fourth annual compilation, featuring tracks from collaborating or admired musicians and producers from the past year. It is the longest and most varied one yet, with 18 tracks by incredible new artists, who are asked to submit a track that they feel wouldn’t fit in a standard release. In previous years, the compilations have provided a platform for artists from bands such as Black Midi, Black Country, New Road, Sorry and Goat Girl to release more experimental solo projects as well as giving an opportunity to completely new, unsigned artists. Throughout the year, Slow Dance put an enormous effort into finding the most interesting and promising new acts and the compilation is an opportunity to highlight and provide a platform for this. It acts as a summary of the label’s highlights from artists and tracks of 2019 and things to watch for 2020 - from both within and outside of the label’s own roster.

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"Slow Dance 19 is the succulent fruit of the label’s labour over the last twelve months. A thoroughly enthralling listen, ’19 is testament to the label’s commitment to multi-genre excellence. Throughout its 18 tracks, the compilation showcases wacky electronic daydreams, quivering ambience and moments of freak folk weirdness. It truly does gather the freaks and geeks from London’s periphery in one coherent place."

Circa 2000 - The Echoing Green
Cajm - I'm Going To Take You Home
Saint Jude - Elementi
Vanity Fairy - All Night Baby
Lynks Afrikka - How To Make a Béschmel Sauce
Uncle Tesco - Blind
Waterbaby - i don't want to sing, i don't want to look
Khazali - Stories
Felix Raman - penshawdelay
Fran Lobo - Give Me Something
Merlin Nova - oooooeeeeeyeah!
Glows - Turn Fast
Pablo Drexler - Weightless:Sinking
Thyrsis - House Of Dust
Aga Ujma - In the ocean
Avice Caro - Tiny Table
one-four - zen for tv
James Martin - Van Gock

47 Martello St, London E8 3PE
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About Us


About Us

Slow Dance is a London based music collective, label, radio and promotions company started in 2015.

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Please send any demos to demo@slowdance.co.uk, please note we recieve a lot of emails so may take some time to get back to you.

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