Glows - Wake Up To The World - Ghost Print / Kill Mix

March 2023

Audio-visual duo Glows are excited to share ‘Wake Up To The World (Ghost Print/Kill mix)’ an extended 7 minute cut featuring vocals from Asha Lorenz of Domino band Sorry. GG & Felix will be closing the chapter on their debut LA, 1620 mixtape with an open collaborative studio event and the release of the LA, 1620 visual catalogue. ‘Wake Up To The World (Ghost Print/Kill Mix)’ plays out as a 7 minute supercut of the mixtape’s core concept and themes of collage, self-sampling and cataloguing that permeate throughout Glows’ debut mixtape. Vast, ambient soundscapes intertwine with voice notes and clips that the duo have collated over their 6 years of friendship; sprouting fleeting teasers of melodic electronica and ethereal vocals. Through its own medium, the LA, 1620 catalogue embodies the processes of the mixtape. Mirroring the way in which a stack of audio files are consolidated into one frozen track, the book's spreads are made up of different visual surface layers, all flattened into one. Occasionally detritus from the design process which would normally be edited out is left in the final spreads" “We wanted to bookend LA,1620 with an extended version of ‘Wake Up To The World’, the pivot point of the track list and the song which commits to the idea of the mixtape most,” Glows say of the release. “Stacks of samples from different timestamps weaving in and out, all the iterations of an idea looped in a chain reaction, the original voice note for a melody flattened with its final take.” To celebrate the track and the end of this phase, Glows will be hosting a rolling open studio day, featuring a range of their collaborators. Expect live printed merch, evolving lighting design, looping jam sessions, screen tests, custom furniture and other live making stations. The duo have already sold out of USB sticks containing audio stems from the mixtape, which stripped the creative process bare and invited collaboration, mutation and collage from fans. This process of removing the perimeters around creation and democratising the evolution of these tracks is integral to LA, 1620’s ethos: the songs are never completed. Slow Dance Radio will be relaunched at the event, with Glows hosting a takeover of the space, available to stream at www.slowdance.co.uk or via Slow Dance’s Instagram/YouTube feeds.

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