Terror Peaks

Terror Peaks - Terror Peaks

May 2021

Terror Peaks (‘TP’) is a vast world, but you often can’t see much of it. Wherever you go, you are showered in, and forever fatigued by, an overbearing light. This light does not reveal things as they are, but behaves in an obscurant way, like an anti-haze which blinds all that it illuminates. Only rarely does the light behave normally, like a beam. Mostly, it acts like a volatile weather condition, like a blizzard or sleet storm. Occasionally, it gives observers a cruel fright, morphing in and out of sight as though it were a living entity. Nobody knows it where it comes from. There is no sun. The sky appears as a vaguely off-white void, if it can be made out at all. Your eyes are bathed in it, like an afterimage taunting the visual field. It’s difficult to know the limit to its brightness. It simply floods more light that existed there before. Light enshrouds extant light.

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  1. Sᐝo⼁❘ ︲⏐ ˌ ˈ  ̩ Showyou (3:55)
  2. Oo°⌕⟜ ⇀ Blis (6:11)
  3. °ᐢ + OႶ + o⌒ (18:29)

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