n.o Art Ensemble

n.o Art Ensemble - Kolosseum (feat. Charlemagne Palestine) / War n.d

November 2023

n.o. Art Ensemble is a recording and performance collective based in London. Their debut release, Death and Entrances, started as a lockdown project, after which they have organised a series of gigs performing their music. They hosted a 50th anniversary concert commemorating Tony Conrad’s legendary Outside the Dream Syndicate, as well as staging an experimental opera they wrote, boasting a 50-piece orchestra. Their newest record E V ER Y RU N G O N TH I S L AD D E R TO G OD, featuring Charlemagne Palestine (a close collaborator of Conrad), was recorded over the last year in different bedrooms and studios in London and Glasgow and is rooted in exploring the possibilities of drone-based music.

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About Us

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