The New Eves

The New Eves - Original Sin / Mother

July 2023

Dreamed up in 2021 by Kate Mager (bass), Ella Russell (Drums, flute, vocals), Nina Winder-Lind (cello, guitar, vocals) Violet Farrer (violin, guitar, vocals) while lying together in bed, the quartet hosted their first jam sessions in a studio under a railway in the middle of car wash that stunk of hamsters and sweat. "Debuting haunting cut ‘Mother’ on this year’s esteemed Slow Dance Compilation, the previously unreleased ‘Original Sin’ unleashes an engrossing hybrid of rustic folk and 60s garage, with tender, soul-stirring group chants and lightning punk thrashes converging to tap into some uncanny, ineffable power, as the band explain:“The band is fighting a biblical battle between shame and pleasure, body and mind, good and evil. The lyrics are poetic and unapologetic. “Throw away my fading halo and start dancing” is the type of line that’s calling to be written on the bedroom wall of teenagers up and down the country. This is the song Eve would have written if she had an electric guitar.” With members who are themselves established painters, dancers, writers and photographers from across Brighton’s sprawling underground, the band pride themselves on a dedicated DIY aesthetic, designing all their own artwork, directing their own music videos and co-producing all their own material, alongside Lau Ro of Wax Machine. Defined by a powerful communal bond, each member contributes lyrics and themes during the writing process, often singing and speaking together to cultivate that compelling, unanimous force central to their live spectacle.

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About Us

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