Fran Lobo

Fran Lobo- Brave EP

June 2020

London-based artist Fran Lobo has just announced her new EP 'Brave' is set for release June 19th via Slow Dance Records and the first single & video from the record "Monster" is streaming online now. Packed full of intense electronic-pop sounds, the EP is about staying strong in the face of addiction, grief and societal pressures. Fran Lobo is a singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, choral composer and sound artist from North East London. Inspired by both orchestral music and the London club scene, 'Brave' mixes human sound (choral singing, vocals, clarinet, piano) with machines (drum machines, analogue synthesisers) and sees how the two can weave in and out of one another, subverting expectations of style. 'Brave' is a dramatic nightmare dream about addiction, reclaiming identity and processing grief: employing rare analogue drum machines and synthesizers, field recordings, live band, choirs and orchestral instruments. Recorded between Stereloab’s Andy Ramsay’s studio in South London (King Krule, Mount Kimbie) and Massive Attack’s 3D’s studio in Bristol with Bruno Ellingham. The EP was mixed by Jimmy Robertson and mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road.

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"The composer and instrumentalist has worked with some Clash favourites, including Floating Points. Steeped in choral tradition, she's able to meld this with electronic enquiries, something exposed on her new EP"

Fran Lobo - Give Me Something
Fran Lobo - Monster
Fran Lobo - Brave
Fran Lobo - Burning (it feels like)
Fran Lobo - Not Chasing

47 Martello St, London E8 3PE
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