Slow Dance '23

February 2024

Now into its 8th edition, the release of the Slow Dance-curated compilation at the start of each year is usually an indicator of what's to come. Uncovering the best new lo-fi, experimental and alternative music from London and beyond, the compilation predicts new avenues, and key artists from various scenes and spaces outside the industry. Alumni of the compilation have gone on to sign and release with a plethora of labels from Ninja Tune, So Young, 4AD and Rough Trade. Its notably given the first outings to bands and solo projects from black midi to Black Country, New Road;, from Otta, Goat Girl and Martha Skye Murphy to Drug Store Romeos, Sorryand Folly Group. Receiving press praise from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music ("Compilation of the Month") The Quietus and Hard of Hearing, Cillian Murphy is also a fan. The actor spun The Guest's debut single (AKA Isaac Wood, BC,NR) on his BBC show back in October, as featured in Slow Dance '18 This year's edition represents the label's longest and most ambitious yet. Spanning 18 tracks, Slow Dance '23 returns to the ethos of bedroom recordings, whether that bedroom is on the stage, or cucooned in flats around the globe. Featured here come the lo-fi experiments from London live-circuit mainstays Cuckoo Spit, Plutoz Beach and Hank; baroque Gothic theatrics come from Velvetine and Jesus and The Zealots. There's intimate watery vocal productions from FLOCO and feeo, which take the compilation deeper into ambient electronics. LIPWORMS' acidic electro-punk drills the tempo towards the club, while Suzy Clue band-member HORNET’s shoegaze impresses with washed out urgency. Nukuluk founder Luke Kulunukis and GG Skips of Glows and Sorry also release new solo material on the compilation.

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  1. More Than a Drunken Night - Plutoz Beach
  2. Silkworm - HORNET
  3. Handshake - LIPWORMS
  4. My Father's Sheep is Dead - Milkweed
  5. Blind - Something In the Lake
  6. shrine - feeo
  7. The Cuckoo Nest Breaks Under Your Heavy Step... - Cuckoo Spit
  8. Pokes - FLOCO
  9. 3/4 (home demo) - Hank
  10. Jagged - Luke Kulukundis
  11. Supercolony - Lost Lyra
  12. Hideaway - Velvetine
  13. Out of Harm's Way - Gordian Stimm
  14. Into the Grass - Jesus and the Zealots
  15. end of the world - Piper Toohey
  16. C_fe - DUNCE
  17. Perfumed Nights - GG Skips
  18. War, n.d - n.o Art Ensemble

47 Martello St, London E8 3PE
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About Us

Slow Dance is a London based music collective, label, radio and promotions company started in 2015.

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