Saint Jude

Saint Jude - Signal

November 2022

Conceptualised during the lockdown in 2020, ‘Signal’ is a self-portrait about coming of age during a time of political crisis and social change. Spaced throughout the album is a trio of titular tracks, each with their own featured vocalist. While Trimm and Louis Culture ruminate on growing up, Halina’s instalment is hazier: it’s as though you’re interrupting a private moment of musing. Elsewhere, “No Angels” takes on breakbeat garage; “Late Summer” evokes the chilled vibes of sunny evenings, while the crunching percussion and heavy bass of “Rosa” spotlights its revolutionary namesake, Rosa Luxemburg. The subject choice feels a little random at first, but points to the eclectic nature of Woodhead’s project, seeking to capture the broadest landscape that he can. Zooming back in, “To Repel Ghosts” closes the record on an introspective note. Grappling with the past as well as an uncertain future, Woodhead’s intimate and observational lyrics remind you that Signal is as much about him as it is about the world - and he’s found a way to reconcile the two within his curated soundscape.

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