Teeth Machine

Teeth Machine - Drive By DK

January 2022

Playing in various bands together since the age of 18, Teeth Machine came to life through the longstanding musical experimentations of Gray Rimmer and Arthur Bently. Working with a sound that contrasts intimacy with explosive, energetic outbursts, Teeth Machine generates a kinetic force that translates across both their live shows and recorded work. The project carries the ethos of DIY and collaboration at its core; much of their inspiration is rooted in early punk and grassroots processes, and their world of music and imagery has grown through a closely knit network of similarly-minded friends and collaborators. Working together with band members Anthony Boatright, Jamie Staples and Ciara Reddy, Teeth Machine creates raw energy and impactful delivery, with the most important thing being that the experience is shared. "We want to create charged spaces of visceral feeling, where fantasy and storytelling can meet emotional immediacy; we use improvisation in our sets as a way of loosening the objectivity that the songs can sometimes bring. Playing live is a kind of magic practice: at its best it can feel like a ritual or group conjuring, where the energy produced in a room and within people’s bodies leaves each person feeling subtly transformed or elevated." With two singles and visual projects launching this spring, released on House Anxiety, the band are set to record their debut EP in the summer, with a tour loosely sketched out for the end of the year. “We're honestly psyched to be releasing this song with Slow Dance; the label have been good friends to us this past year and it's actually the first song of ours that will exist out on the internet in the real world !”

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About Us

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