Uma - Filthy Rich

May 2023

Her latest song, ‘Filthy Rich’ comes out today and in Uma’s words “is the product of frustration and sadness, feeling helpless in a crumbling world. But it is also the drive to change things and bring those who take too much and care too little to justice”. ‘Filthy Rich’ follows previous excellent 2023 singles ‘Tārā’ and ‘Muay Thai’ which have built up anticipation for her upcoming Mixtape and capture the mood of turning nostalgia for the past into nostalgia for the present. As well as 2022 songs ‘Granada’ and ‘Crocodile’, Uma weaves early memories with inner-child wisdom and reflections on parental advice. The Barcelona resident explores the parallels she finds between her itinerant life as a professional artist and the borderless, romantic and creative upbringing that her parents blessed her with, both at Can Obert and across three continents. Her next mixtape is both an extension of her tinderbox chemistry with Bower at Can Obert, and a journey deeper into her maturing sound. She now says she’s in a space where she’s trusting her instincts and her idiosyncrasies more than ever. Uma is being championed by 6 Music’s Mary Ann Hobbs and on Radio 1 as Jack Saunders’ Future Artists. She was also interviewed last month by Ben Cardew (Pitchfork, Guardian) for his Line Noise Radio Show on Primavera Radio.

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