Roscoe Roscoe

Roscoe Roscoe - Brain Retrieve

August 2020

East London based five-piece Roscoe Roscoe are the newest iteration of psychedelic music to emerge from the prolific capital, first noticed by many for their BBC televised performance at Glastonbury last year despite having no released music. Despite clear nods to a shared love of 60s counterculture, their take is not sheerly revivalist but circulates a fresh pulse of blood through the veins of the chameleonic genre. The reference to a host of older and more recent sonic influences, including avant-pop bands such as Stereolab and Broadcast, alongside psychedelics Wand and Tame Impala indicate that their approach to making music is that of a generation who have been able to take non-specific and widely drawn sources via the infinite bank of the internet. Like their contemporaries, the Mercury award-nominated Black Midi, the teenagers met whilst studying Music performance and Technology at The Brit School. Their band name came out of a random online generator, a testament to the lack of pretension that some might think their education and talent would suggest. Made up of frontman Charlie Read Clarke, Guitarist Jacob Muna, Synth player Milanka Caballero, Bassist Charlie Brown and Drummer Ben Limmer, the group have at once an incredibly fresh energy and a laid-back attitude that spills into their music. Their unique sound brims with glowing guitar tones and melodic, shimmering synths, self described perhaps slightly tongue-in-cheek as ‘a warm, floating dream’, as they are often on the edge of veering to something far heavier. “Brain Retrieve” certainly sets them out with a bang, and the track sounds massive right from the opening guitar riff.

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