Glows - Tropic feat. Asha Lorenz

July 2021

New track Tropics marks the beginning of a phase in which the duo roll out the database of material they developed in this period of incubation. It’s the first track from a collection of material spanning different phases over the last 6 years, resampled, looped and fused together. Engaging conceptually with the idea of timelines, looping, resampling and the conventions of music releases themselves. Beginning with the Tropics, featuring Asha Lorenz deals with the scattered and overwhelming heat of city life. ‘Tropic is the climate of this city. The tropical heat in your bedroom, waking up in a sweat to my nightly fever dreams. Stumbling around the streets in the humid air, dancing and sleeping and waking up. When the euphoria turns sickly.’ The track draws influence from late noughties pop music and it’s overmaxxed commercialised electronic production. The electronic sounds from Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkers and Little Boots’ New in Town appear skewed through the ambient glaze of artists like Andy Stott and clouddead. The track balances this glowing calm with a propulsive darkness that explodes into ecstatic noise.

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