Uma - Muay Thai

March 2023

Today, barcelonas genreless and intercontinental uma releases the resplendent new muay thai, a romantic and life-affirming single which, in her words, is the second half of [2022s] granada. A love letter to my parents. Like its predecessor, muay thai turns nostalgia for the past into nostalgia for the present, weaving early memories with inner-child wisdom and reflections on parental advice. In the mid tempo ambient groove, uma explores the parallels she finds between her itinerant life as a professional artist and the borderless, romantic and creative upbringing that her parents blessed her with, both at can obert and across three continents. Can obert - or the open house - was in fact a creation of umas british mother, a performance artist and festival organizer who developed a community hub of artists and writers around umas childhood home; growing up there, uma would be surrounded by people expressing themselves and encouraging her to do the same. This naturally instilled in her a certain set of values: that creativity is key uma has lived and traveled across the globe, as her parents lived long-distance for most of her youth. She spent a lot of time with her father tew, who lived in bangkokwhere he was born and where he worked for a nonprofit hospice and orphanagewhilst umas mothers work provided her with long stints in canada and greenland. Uma enrolled in york university to study contemporary classical music and moved back to barcelona where after some experimentation, decided to launch her version of can obert.

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