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Quarantini with Marco Pini - 15/4/20

  1. Deerhunter - He Would Have Laughed
  2. Many Kilos - Hazy
  3. Famous - Keep Yu Mouth Lock
  4. Logan Sky - Spiders Kiss
  5. Glows - Perla (squid remix)
  6. Lachlan Mcfeely Bolt - paradise
  7. Grateful Dead - Till The Morning Comes
  8. Blues Control - Pillow Talk
  9. Hand - Shifting Lead
  10. Suzanne Menzel - I Feel It Starts Again
  11. The Carter Family - Wildwood Flower
  12. M.A.L. - Callisto
  13. Atom Earth Mother - Hypermania
  14. Dirty Projectors - Cool Your Heart (Equiknoxx Remix)
  15. Special Occasion - The Word
  16. Robbie Williams - Millenium


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