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baby schema - 15/5/20

  1. Rule Britannia - Suzi Pinns
  2. Summer in a Small Town - The Cleaners From Venus
  3. He’s Frank (Slight Return) - The Monochrome Set
  4. Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Please - Splodgenessabounds
  5. Vindaloo - Fat Les
  6. Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me - The Jerks
  7. Plastic Surgery - Adam And The Ants
  8. BLAM!! - Swell Maps
  9. Public Image - Public Image Ltd
  10. Nine To Five - The Maneaters
  11. Flashing Lights - Screaming Lord Sutch
  12. Cool For Cats - Squeeze
  13. Jet Boy Jet Girl - Elton Motello
  14. Jive Baby On A Saturday Night - The Jellies
  15. Lucinda - A Certain Ratio
  16. Wargasm In Pornotopia - Amilcar
  17. Tart Tart - Happy Mondays
  18. Jerusalem - Suzi Pinns


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