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Nightbus94 -In Memory of Genesis P-Orridge Part II - Psychic TV & Tutti - 13/4/20

  1. Shame: Makes Two Late – Psychic TV
  2. Warmer Than the Sun – The Irresistible Force
  3. Lost Bliss – Chris & Cosey
  4. Purrfect – Funky Porcini
  5. A Thin Garden – Carl Abrahamsson &Genesis P-Orridge
  6. Close Your Eyes and Listen – Chameleon
  7. Leo – Jeanette
  8. October (Love Song) – Chris & Cosey
  9. There’s A Scent of Rain in the Air – A.C. Marias
  10. Milk Baba – Psychic TV
  11. Cernubicua – Chris Carter
  12. Ballet Statique – Conrad Schnitzler
  13. Colours and Soul – Dunkelziffer
  14. After You’re Dead, She Said – Psychic TV


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