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Isolation Station w/ Jess Clark, Daedalus Chaos, Alastair Wheelhouse - 26/5/20

Jess is a creator of poetry and writing, more recently portending to become a transmitter of positive vibes over the airwaves. She is currently London-based and has also lived in Peru and Spain, working there as a teaching assistant and hostel receptionist respectively. Jess studied Combined Honours in Arts (English and Spanish) at Durham University and has also dabbled in French, Russian and Arabic. Herself-published poetry anthology Poems of Hope, centred around mental health experience, raised funds for Mind UK and was aimed at bringing poets together and raising awareness about this crucial theme. Jess set up her talk show The Isolation Station during the quarantine to focus on mental health, furthering the campaign for enhanced connection and community. She plays the clarinet and a few chords on guitar, while enjoying the slow dance of contemporary domesticated existence.


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