Slow Dance Presents Late Works: Of Noise

£ 16.99 GBP

Edition of 500 A forged in fire - DJ Dairy + MC Spritz (black midi), Aga Ujma, Silkarmour & Beth Dawson diggy diggy fuck off - Clottie Cream, Rosy Bones, Toby Evans-Jesra, Max Syed-Tollen (Goat Girl) don’t sleep on- Glows, Felix Raman unmenacingly violent - Martha Skye Murphy, Kiran Leonard, Corpse Boy, Cajm DRAIN MYTH - Bathwater 404, Devenny 404, Eliot 404, Sonny 404 DARK LORE BINGO - Bianca Scout, j. b. Glazer, Cameron Molloy, Harald Smart, Jacob Samuel, Elena Isolini (Curl) 6 groups of musicians created tracks with 6 sculptures/instruments built by artists Mathilda Bennett-Greene, Jonas Pequeno, Angus McCrum & Joseph Bradley Hill. Each group had 6 hours to create a track sampling only the instruments and vocals. Featuring members of black midi, 404 Guild, Sorry, Powerplant, Impromptu & Curl Recordings, the groups were as follows: 1 - DJ Dairy & MC Spritz (black midi), Aga Ujma, Silkarmour & Beth Dawson 2 - Bathwater 404, Devenny 404, Eliot 404 & Sonny 404 (404 Guild) 3 - GG Skips (Glows & Sorry) & Felix Raman 4 - Martha Skye Murphy, Kiran Leonard, Corpse Boy (Impromptu) & Cajm (Powerplant) 5 - Bianca Scout, Jacob Samuel & j. b. glazer (Curl), Cam Molloy, Harald Smart & Elena Isolini 6 - Clottie Cream & Rosy Bones (Goat Girl), Richard Limper (leather.head) & Horse Whisperer The concept for 'of Noise' by Joseph Bradley Hill takes its inspiration from Luigi Russolo’s 1913 Futurist manifesto “The Art of Noises” and his six classifications of noise: 1 - Roars, Thunderings, Explosions, Hissing Roars, Bangs & Booms. 2 - Whistling, Hissing & Puffing. 3 - Whispers, Murmurs, Mumbling, Muttering & Gurgling. 4 - Screeching, Creaking, Rustling, Humming, Crackling & Rubbing. 5 - Noises obtained by beating on metals, woods, skins, stones, pottery etc. 6 - Voices of animals and people, Shouts, Screams, Shrieks, Wails, Hoots, Howls, Death Rattles & Sobs. The entire EP was recorded at Slow Dance HQ in London Fields, between the 25th & 29th February 2020 - the studio rules were as follows: 1. Musicians may only bring things that modify sound, not make sound themselves. 2. Vocals are allowed, but any lyrics must be written in the studio time. 3. The tracks must only use noise sampled from the sculptures and the voice. 4. The tracks must be completed within each respective six hour session.