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Songwriter and actor Martha Skye Murphy deftly pairs heart wrenching musical compositions with spectral vocals and raw lyrical storytelling. Having cut her teeth as Nick Cave’s backing vocalist in 2013 for Push The Sky Away and subsequent tour, Martha began her career. Inspired and with several years to hone her musicianship and her Bowie-esque ‘cut-up’ style writing philosophy she was ready to release debut EP ‘HEROIDES’ on Slow Dance. Received with numerous positives reviews Martha followed with single ‘Black Eye’, a heart wrenching piano composition supplemented by Martha’s spectral voice. ‘Black Eye’ is an intense and emotional number, as arresting as it is beautiful. Recorded at the 4AD studios with Fabian Prynn (Ex:Re), this track presents an unprecedented intimacy and sensitivity within Murphy’s work. The release is also accompanied by remixes from Cajm and 4K and music video by artist Clara Boulard and Kit Whalley-Payne. The artwork for this single was provided by Ceidra Moon Murphy and designed by Chris Bigg (V23).

‘Martha Skye Murphy’s songs are haunting, lean and spacious’ - Nick Cave 'Her work sits in good company with the likes of Amanda Palmer and PJ Harvey; there are hints of ‘Cloudbusting’-era Kate Bush on the melodramatic vocals of ‘Soaked’. There’s a dark theatricality to everything that makes it feel like you’re being toyed with slightly – laughed at in a teasing way' - Loud and Quiet 'Martha Skye Murphy employs her hypnotic and beautifully strange vocal to great effect, the skill of restraint and simplicity leaving space for you to drift away into your own parallel universe.' - Hard Of Hearing Music


Black Eye
I'm Not Looking



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