Slow Dance presents Late Works: of Noise

March 3, 2020


We are excited to announce Slow Dance presents Late Works: of Noise !!!6 groups of musicians will be creating tracks with 6 sculptures / instruments built by artists Mathilda Bennett-Greene, Jonas Pequeno, Angus McCrum & Joseph Bradley Hill. Each group will have 6 hours to create as many tracks as they would like with them.Featuring members of black midi, Wu-Lu, 404 Guild, Powerplant, Impromptu & Curl, the groups are currently as follows:1 - DJ Dairy, DJ Greep & Wu-Lu2 - Bathwater 404, Devenny 404, Eliot 404 & Sonny 4043 - GG Skips, Josef Kurtz, Felix Raman, Asha Lorenz & Louis O'Bryen4 - Martha Skye Murphy, Kiran Leonard, Corpse Boy & Cajm5 - Bianca Scout, Jacob Samuel, j b glazer, Cam Molloy & Elena Isolini6 - Clottie Cream, Rosy Bones & Toby Evans-JesraThe results from the studio sessions will then be released in a compilation album. Join us for the release party on Wednesday 4th March where some of these acts will be performing at an open format gig and exhibition of the instruments!

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47 Martello St, London E8 3PE
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About Us

Slow Dance is a London based music collective, label, radio and promotions company started in 2015.

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