Martha Skye Murphy Curates

July 2, 2020


Martha Skye Murphy curates a special evening of live music and art as well as performing her captivating live show at new venue SLOW SPACE. Featuring Martha Skye Murphy Reckonwrong Reckonwrong is a South London-based artist whose music folds humour, pathos and hooky pop appeal into distinctive modern bangers. The soundsystem dramatics and wavey charm of his releases on Whities and Pinkman carry over into an energetic and freewheeling flair as a DJ, while his deep crooning voice, which first emerged from the shadows on cult hit “The Passions of Pez”, has come to the fore in his mystical live shows. Wandering between heady atmospherics, intimate song craft, and moments of infectious energy, these have proved fertile ground for a wave of ambitious new material while birthing the legend of the tiny trumpet. Kiran Leonard Musical polymath Kiran Leonard's 2018 release Western Culture is Leonard’s first album recorded with a full band in a studio, following a string of DIY releases recorded at home in Greater Manchester. Said band consists of Dan Bridgwood Hill (dbh), Dave Rowe (Plank) and staple of the improv circuit Andrew Cheetham. Leonard’s music draws together influences as diverse as US Maple, Sufjan Stevens, Frank Zappa and Kate Bush. Formerly a staple of his hometown’s experimental rock scene alongside the likes of Duds, Irma Vep and Aldous RH, Leonard recently relocated to South London, where he has teamed up with “morbid noise” label Memorials Of Distinction to release his collaborative record with Catalan artist Andreu G. Serra as Or Sobre Blau. Litter frog Litter frog is the musical alter-ego of Kurdish artist Mattina Hiwaizi. They combine experimental electronic noise with ambient flute to create surreal soundscapes. Death Is Peaceful, Life Is Harder, is their debut EP for London label TT, (fka Tobago Tracks). + Felix Raman (DJ) Felix Raman is a Producer, Mix Engineer and DJ playing within a range of styles and groups including Ex Mothers Union and Martha’s band. He’s a Loose Lips and Threads radio resident and has been with Slow Dance from the early days. Art by: YASMIN GAPPER "My work considers spatial processes of entropy in the natural world, the body and the human memory. The painting commissioned by Martha Skye Murphy for this event, draws upon the notion of “thing-power” and the networks generated between human and non-human entities, looking at the relation between memory and fossil formation. Historically, the memory faculty was understood as a corporeal organ, one that retained sensory impressions and stored little bits of matter as “ideas”. This theory drew upon parallel studies of fossil formation, whereby fossils were no longer understood as tricks of Nature, but instead as objects that came into existence through decay.” Yasmin Gapper’s painting will be unveiled on the evening of the 7th February creating an immersive set behind the stage.

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