12” black vinyl in PVC bag (with sticker) and B&W risographed concertina booklet

For Late Works: Of Noise, 6 groups of musicians created tracks with 6 sculptures/instruments built by artists Mathilda Bennett-Greene, Jonas Pequeno, Angus McCrum & Joseph Bradley Hill. Each group had 6 hours to create a track sampling only the instruments and vocals.

Featuring members of black midi, 404 Guild, Sorry, Powerplant, Impromptu & Curl Recordings, the groups were as follows:

1 - DJ Dairy & MC Spritz (black midi), Aga Ujma, Silkarmour & Beth Dawson

2 - Bathwater 404, Devenny 404, Eliot 404 & Sonny 404 (404 Guild)

3 - GG Skips (Glows & Sorry) & Felix Raman

4 - Martha Skye Murphy, Kiran Leonard, Corpse Boy (Impromptu) & Cajm (Powerplant)

5 - Bianca Scout, Jacob Samuel & j. b. glazer (Curl), Cam Molloy, Harald Smart & Elena Isolini

6 - Clottie Cream & Rosy Bones (Goat Girl), Richard Limper (leather.head) & Horse Whisperer

The musicians were selected for their diverse range; With 404 Guild 's sprawling rap verses, GG Skips’ experimental electronic mumblings, Aga Ujma & Silkarmour's fantasy-based features on black midi 's tribute to American TV show 'Forged in Fire', Goat Girl 's textured ritualistic chant, Martha Skye Murphy & Kiran Leonard 's layered multilingual prose & Jacob Samuel 's conducting of Bianca Scout -led choral/instrumental piece, the album spans multiple genres, yet feels like one complete sound. Most of the musicians joined us in the middle of a busy touring/release period: DJ Dairy & MC Spritz of black midi were in the middle of their worldwide Schlagenheim tour (their debut album which was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2019), Goat Girl are still looking ahead to their sophomore album on Rough Trade, Glows was touring as the newest member of Sorry for their debut album 925 on Domino, 404 Guild are releasing several new albums already after their sophomore album last year & new Martha Skye Murphy is on the horizon.

The concept for 'of Noise' by Joseph Bradley Hill takes its inspiration from Luigi Russolo’s 1913 Futurist manifesto “The Art of Noises” and his six classifications of noise:

1 - Roars, Thunderings, Explosions, Hissing Roars, Bangs & Booms.

2 - Whistling, Hissing & Puffing.

3 - Whispers, Murmurs, Mumbling, Muttering & Gurgling.

4 - Screeching, Creaking, Rustling, Humming, Crackling & Rubbing.

5 - Noises obtained by beating on metals, woods, skins, stones, pottery etc.

6 - Voices of animals and people, Shouts, Screams, Shrieks, Wails, Hoots, Howls, Death Rattles & Sobs.  

The entire EP was recorded at Slow Dance HQ in London Fields, between the 25th & 29th February 2020  - the studio rules were as follows:

1. Musicians may only bring things that modify sound, not make sound themselves.

2. Vocals are allowed, but any lyrics must be written in the studio time.

3. The tracks must only use noise sampled from the sculptures and the voice.

4. The tracks must be completed within each respective six hour session.

Late Works  is a permutable collective of artists, musicians, film-makers, writers, dancers and designers who populate a nomadic series of live intermedia events of the same name. Since September 2018, over 135 artists have collaborated with founder Joseph Bradley Hill to put on 8 different events across London, alongside their monthly radio show on  Resonance Extra, the experimental wing of the #1 arts radio station in the UK. Initially aiming to examine the concept of the gesamtkunstwerk, Late Works has developed into a set of heavily process-based experimental events united by an ethos of indeterminate intermedia improvisation.


Slow Dance, founded in 2016, is a profoundly DIY label and arts collective made up of artists, musicians, designers, A&R scouts, managers and filmmakers. The collaborative nature of the organisation means that lines between art, music and industry sensibilities are blurred and evolved into something entirely new. The current core members, founder GG Skips (who also releases music under the name Glows), Darius Williams and Maddy O’Keefe, are surrounded by a satellite of like-minded creatives who are at the forefront of London’s underground music scene. Slow Dance’s live event curation has seen them provide a platform to a variety of experimental and burgeoning artists, many of which are now very commercially successful (the likes of black midi, Jockstrap, Sorry, Goat Girl, PVA, Squid and more). It is these events that caught the attention of bookers from Knee Deep, Test Pressing and The Alternative Escape, leading to their involvement in curation, and the label are now partners at the upcoming Brockwell Park festival Wide Awake.


Geordie Greep, Cameron Picton, Lottie Pendlebury & Rosy Jones all appear courtesy of Rough Trade.

Mathilda Bennett Greene - Teeth Tool, Xylo Stone, Shoulder Harp
Joseph Bradley Hill - Arms And Legs
Jonas Pequeno - n/a