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SLOW FOCUS#1 - Krym Mryk (Crimea) - Stas Karpenkov Mix

Kickstarting our Slow Focus series, a curation of tracks based on a theme is a mix from the founder of Crimean label Krym Mryk label including material similar in spirit from Nikolaienko,
Dada Ques, as well as some unreleases by Nikolay Kozlov, Ilya Vlasenko
and compositions by Stas himself, which are planned to be released on Gost Zvuk next year.

Check them out here: @krymmryk

Nikolaienko - Solo For A (Muscut)
Nikolay Kozlov - Track 05 (Gost Zvuk)
Stas Karpenkov - kidrock ft. Kuzma Palkin
Dada Ques - x-r-x (ANWO)
Nikolay Kozlov - Maths
Stas Karpenkov - Via Saki to Moynaki 2 (Gost Zvuk forthcoming)
Nikolay Kozlov - Binary feat. Ben Bondy
Dada Ques - Happy Hour (ANWO)
Nikolaienko - Matter Meets Antimatter (Muscut)
Ilya Vlasenko - Freelance Demarsh Igorevich / tap take data


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